Le Wagon Data Science Teacher

Le Wagon Data Science Teacher

Teacher and teaching assistant at the Le Wagon Data Science bootcamp

The Le Wagon Data Science bootcamp is an intensive, 9-weeks, full-time course, to learn all about data analysis, machine learning, deep learning and data engineering. Knowledge is turned into practice with daily challenges, but mostly with the final project in the last 2 weeks of the bootcamp. As an example of a final project, read about the AI DJ that I created with my team as our final project. 

On June 18th 2021, I finished the Data Science bootcamp at Le Wagon in Amsterdam, after which Le Wagon asked me to stay on as a teaching assistant for the next bootcamp. I am very grateful for this, as it allowed me to get an even better grasp of each topic, and help a new group of great people to kick-start their data science journey. The following bootcamp I was asked as a teacher for some of the topics, and I will be giving about 30% of the lectures in the January 2021 bootcamp. 

Curriculum of the Le Wagon Data Science Bootcamp

Data Analysis

  • Python for Data Science
  • Relational Database & SQL
  • Data Visualization
  • Statistics, Probability, Linear Algebra

Decision Science

  • Statistical Inference
  • Communication

Machine Learning

  • Preprocessing and Supervised Learning
  • Generalization and Overfitting
  • Performance Metrics
  • Unsupervised Learning & Advanced Methods

Deep Learning

  • Neural Networks
  • Computer Vision
  • Time-Series & Text data
  • Deel Learning made easy with Keras and Google Colab

Data Engineering

  • Machine Learning Pipeline
  • Machine Learning workflow with MLflow
  • Deploying to production with Google Cloud Platform, Docker, FastAPI, Heroku and Streamlit

Project Weeks

Solve real-world problems with data!

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