Flutter App Demos

Flutter App Demos

Mobile app feature demos created during the Flutter development course

Phones are becoming more and more important in our lives and with that, the different apps that we use on a daily basis. This means that apps form a great platform for sustainable and green initiatives to positively impact lives. However, creating an app as an individual or a start-up is not that easy, since it requires a big investment and separate development for Android and iOS devices. With The Other Option, I would like to change this by creating apps that are developed for both Android and iOS at the same time, through building blocks that are put together to create the product you need for your idea to flourish. 

The platform for these apps is Flutter, for which I completed a development course in 2021. During the course, I created multiple small apps, that can be seen as features to include in a larger app. Of course, this is only a selection of the possibilities with Flutter, so feel free to reach out to discuss your ideas.

To Do List App

Create new list items

Tick off completed items

Swipe to delete items or add to favorites

Coin Ticker App

Get Real-time data Through an API

Select currency in a scroll menu

Weather App

Task for permission of location usage

Show a spinner while the user waits for input from the aPI

change the look of the app based on the weather conditions

BMI Calculator APP

user inputs through buttons and a slider

Perform calculations based on user input

Choices App

move to next screen based on the users choice

Use a "Decision Tree" for the process flow