The Other Option is here to help you turn your creative ideas into digital solutions.

Data Science

Putting the data to work. By using Python libraries such as pandas, matplotlib and sklearn, The Other Option will analyze your data, make predictions, and create easy-to-use visualization tools for actionable insights.

Mobile Apps

Apps are powerful platforms for sustainable and green initiatives. By using Flutter as the development tool, The Other Option is able to create both an iOS and an Android app at the same time, to maximize your impact.


Whether you are an entrepreneur, a freelancer or an artist, your website is your greeting card. The Other Option will turn your content into a WordPress website, to ensure easy maintenance and content updates.

Are you looking for a technical solution that is not part of The Other Option’s services yet?
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The Other Option

Technology made accessible

The Other Option stands for a  personal approach that allows you to bring your dream to life. The starting point is always your idea, and we build the technology around it. This way we allow for creativity throughout the entire process and we are flexible to adjust to your inspiration.

Judith van Leersum

I get very excited about process optimization. I want to understand processes and visualize the connections and flows between the different parts of them. Because only when you truly understand a process, its purpose, and how the individual parts work, can you optimize it.

After 6.5 years of working at Fokker Technologies and KPMG, I realized that I wanted to create processes myself, and turn them into digital solutions that have a positive impact on the world. I found it difficult to find a tech partner to help me achieve this, while keeping the flexibility to make adjustments based on new insights. Now, I would like to give you The Other Option: your tech partner that I would have liked to have. 

What I enjoy most is meeting people with amazing ideas and energy, and making things actually happen. So don’t sit on your ideas, and let’s bring them to life!

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